Training Tips with Carolyn

Carolyn has always been an animal lover since she was a small child. She has been involved in animal rescue for over 20 years. She also has 15+ years training experience for dogs.  She is a certified dog trainer and started her own Dog training business, Wagtime Dog Training over 10 years ago.  It has always been rewarding to Carolyn when she has been working with dogs and their owners to help build their relationship and communication through trust and respect.  She is passionate about working with homeless dogs using positive reinforcement to help them improve better skills to be adopted. 

Carolyn lives with her husband, Art and 4 rescued dogs, 2 cats, and chickens.  She has lived with and loved many other dogs that have passed on.  Her belief is dogs come into our lives and show us love and loyalty.  It is a special gift that is given to us when that special relationship is built.

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